Friday, 1 March 2013

An evening in an 80's film.

 I went to her house. We got angry at boys together. We disagreed over politics. Got drunk. Smoked Drugs. And shaved our heads.

  Okay so most of that previous spiel is preposterous. Although at the end of the evening we did feel as if we had lived a little bit of our own 80's teenage angst movie. To be more accurate:

  I went to her house. We did, of course, chat about boys. I'm sure social politics will have been discussed at some point in the evening. We drank tea and water from jars. Listened to some seriously smokin' music. And yes, we did cut all my hair off.

  For all the time I spend trying not to enjoy repeating teenage history, I cant help myself. It wasn't for a boy. It was a cliche excuse. But in some ways it worked, I got what i asked for.





Before.                                                           After.   

I lost half a pound in cutting my hair off.

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