Saturday, 6 April 2013

New tastes for old buds. 1. Small changes.

Perhaps this is an irrelevant teenage angst blog.

I have tried to avoid it. I don't want to moan about life. And i don't want to vomit fleeting emotions and cliched changes all over the place. However, i do want to record my story in a small form here. And since cliched changes and "cliche" because, well because they happen to most people in some form. I don't think i can (or should- sometimes i fail to appreciate people) dismiss others situations and feelings because they are important to them- and no matter how many times i hear about a girl dating the wrong boy and still crying over the brake up, that was not so unexpected. I shouldn't roll my eyes in exasperation because i know I've cried over a dumb boy in a scene very similar.

Anyway this part Isn't about boys, promise. This is perhaps going to be the first in a small series of changes posts. Its been a weird year. Good, bad and ugly. A lot has been good. A lot has been simple change.

Small changes:
I have never been a fussy eater, but as far as i can remember i have disliked 6 things that the majority of people in the western world very much enjoy. In one year i have got over most of them, and enjoy them often.


Vietnamese coffee sort of started the snowball for me to try things I've never liked. I'm still working on tomato's, but I've given up on peanut butter.

Tonight is too much to go any further than food I'm afraid. I'll do better next time.

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