Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Holland and the Quetzal.

I've been slacking on this, as usual... But i'm going to make up for it now. 

We went to Holland!

Some friends of mine had this idea to set up a company.
This company: Quetzal Shipping and Trading
Its sail powered shipping, with a whole load of things like philanthropy, sustainable living and investing in community too. And its a wonderful idea that i am very pleased to be part of.

Currently there is only one ship in the world that does this for of cargo transport. Their website can be found here. This company is based in Holland, and so is our friend who is helping with the project, so naturally we went to visit. Our visit let us meet wonderful people who have the knowledge and experience we need to start this company, and also gave us ideas and connections that will help take the company forward.

Naturally we had to take a boat over to the Netherlands. And this was our welcome- a hugely industrialized shore, which was magnificent in its own type of beautiful.

Mr Timothy Dennis- The man with the ideas.

And Holland is a most beautiful place.

We met the guys from the Tres Hombres. They were lovely, and inspirational.

This trip was my first taster of Quetzal Shipping and Trading. It allowed me to properly understand what the aims were, and meet the people involved. The project is steadily moving forward and i am enjoying every part i get to play in it.

The good comany, or i should say CREW!

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