Sunday, 8 September 2013

Over the Sea.

We went sailing- some of the best gentlemen i know and i.

I like boats, and i love the ocean- something about fathomless bodies of water, and not being able to touch the bottom alive. So when Tim asked if I'd be interesting in sailing and being part of his new venture (Quetzal Shipping and Trading) of course jumped at the chance.

We went sailing off the west coast of Scotland, up The sound of Mull to Tobermory and back again. Sailing is brilliant, hard work, but brilliant. It was an interesting week for myself. It was the first week of my travels this year and so challenges arose: I like being alone, sometimes i actually need to be alone, and thus sharing 33ft of space with 5 other bodies (no matter how wonderful and lovely those bodies are) was always going to be interesting for me. However, i don't think i done too bad. Everyone else was, of course, too lovely for me to have any complaints about their presence.

 I was also the only female, which is not something that bothers hugely. However, when i am the only girl i feel as if i have to prove myself. At the very least i must match the weakest male emotionally and physically. With this i failed. I cried twice. Once just because the shower i was trying to have ran cold... I am ashamed to admit this isn't the first time a cold shower has reduced me to tears, but there you go my Achilles heal. Everyone was, of course, very nice about my feminine behavior, and that was a huge relief. The whole thing just got me over myself a little bit more, which is always a good thing.

 These aren't complaints, well the lack of decent showering facilities at Oban bay are, but otherwise these are just some of my unfavorable attributes highlighted to me on this trip, that over the last 6 months i've been attempting to adjust. I've found myself observing unfavorable characteristics in myself and at least for now i've recognized them. I'm getting round to fixing them.

Here are some of the beautiful sights we saw on our adventure:

 Driving north- less breathtaking thank you'd expect from the west coast of Scotland Due to the heavy fog the whole way- but enjoyable none the less.

 The Skipper. He has the right idea about life.
We liked him instantly. After we all got on the boat for the first time, having introduced ourselves to Paul, our skipper, and having a brief on land introduction to some safety things. We get on the boat, already a little damp and cold from the Scottish weather, and settle down to have a little chat about the upcoming adventure. Our skipper duly produces a long rectangular box and asked us what we thought it contained- baring in mind it was essential for all sailing ventures. After we had all guessed (incorrectly) things like maps, charts and compass. He opened the box and reviled six whiskey tumblers. 

There was just something insanely attractive about boats to me, and the reflections in the water were amazing.

Another first: Rory, Isaac and i climbed the mast!
The view was stunning. The climb was difficult.   

 We Anchored in this bay one night (i've forgotten its name) and went and explored the island while the sun set. Scotland is beautiful.

 Mid week we reached Tobermory,on the isle of Mull. We ate fish and chips- or rather the boys ate fish and chips, while i hid from seagulls.And in the evening we all went to The Mishnish Pub, drank merrily, enjoyed music and played darts. The pub recorded Rory and Isaac playing a little:
Music in the pub.

Our Skipper played us some old island songs, and told some excellent stories.
The pub recorded him also, and the link be Here.

Mr Timothy Dennis- Day Skipper.



Beautiful, beautiful.

The last night was splendid. As the sun set over by Ben Nevis, we poured ourselves a well deserved whiskey and danced up and down the boat, swinging each-other by the arm and cheering, to some Scottish folk music. And when the sun set and the music stopped we lay out on deck and watched the stars for a while.


So was the first venture for Quetzal. 
 It was an adventure indeed, and the sea has stolen my heart.

A beutiful song for the occasion.
A song for the Sea

By a beautiful friend of mine.


  1. Amazing! Look up Phillip Grey he paints such scenes. Your photos are truely beautiful.

    1. His paintings are brilliant, i really enjoy them.

      Thank you very much!