Monday, 30 December 2013

Buda and Pest.

A friend  [Scott] and i went to

We stayed in an eccentric hostel- very much suited to our taste.

The city is beautiful. Although every Hungarian you meet will tell you "You should have seen how beautiful the city was before the war." i have no idea how you could fit in any more architecture to wonder at.

Perhaps driving round the island, that seemed too out of place and other worldly to be located in the very centre of the river in such a buzzing city, was my favourite part. The trees were so huge and dense (even if it was mid fall) you could barely tell you were approaching huge mounds of building until you were within feet of them.

It was funny to be such a tourist. Its rare i travel with such luxury.

The art is unlike anything i have every seen.

Yet religion and her wealth sits so close to hypocrisy it clouds my appreciation.

It was a city full of memories and memorials. Learning from its past.

Perhaps my favourite day was escaping the city, to the hills and a graveyard.

Remembering and reflecting. Glad to escape the 9-5, yet still a little dull inside. 

We met such lovely people. Who shamed me with there language skills.


I had fun. I love the city. I like the people. And they have amazing food.

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